Playing live for the first time.

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Playing live for the first time.

Mensaje por maikl10 el Jue Oct 20, 2011 10:37 am

In a couple months I might be playing live for the first time. I'm pretty nervous when I think about it deeply, (Though I would never show this at the table) as it's so much easier to play online. The button is clearly visible, it basically does most of the math for you, and the only tells people can pick up on are your betting habits which I try to avoid anyway. There are a lot of other issues with playing live too when your used to playing online.
But I have a few questions.

How often do you run into players that you notice are maybe playing their first live game, or close to it? And how irritating is it?

Was it harder for you to calculate odds and keep track of what's in the pot your first time? I'm asking this because I've always had poor math skills. I can calculate things, it just takes me a little longer than everyone else.

Is position a hard thing to keep track of when you're playing for the first time?

Also, before Black Friday, I read all of Dan Harrington's tournament strategy books, and while it taught me some truly valuable lessons, it also pounded into my head that the proper way is to play a little tighter than most people. Now, he obviously is fantastic at this, maybe one of the best, but I don't think it's the style I'm comfortable with. Do you ever feel this way? That maybe you should be playing a certain way but you feel more comfortable, and seem to win more playing a different way?


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